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COVER STORY: Death of URU Live
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The Ending Has Not Yet Been Written...

The Death of URU Live...Or is it?

Myst fans were caught dead in their tracks last February when Cyan Worlds CEO Rand Miller announced that URU Live was shutdown due to lack of support, however its legacy lives on in several expansions that Cyan has announced will be released. Sure enough the first expansion was released just weeks ago, "URU: To Dni Expansion." It is truly unfortunate what has happened to URU Live but as Rand said in a letter released to the public "we need a certain number of subscribers to pay the bills. We didnt get there." Live was in a free beta period and still couldnt get enough gamers to get involved. But as you read this there is plans for several more releases of expansions that are being developed to be ready for download sometime in the next while.

- Gehn541

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