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NEWS FLASH: New Partnership!
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Age of Myst Proud to Announce A New Partnership!

On March 28th Age of Myst was contacted by Paulo Henrique representing the new fan based Myst game Ages of Ilathid. As with past coverage of fan based games, Age of Myst is proud to fully support this new and promising project. The following letter was sent to us:


I'm Paulo Monteiro, and I lead a MYST fan-game called The Ages of Ilathid ( I've been conferring with other project leaders and they agree we need a media to make our projects more visible, which, in fact, could be used by the whole MYST artist community. To this end, I'd like to ask you whether your magazine would /could be this media.

Age of Myst will have more to come in the following weeks! Look for more updates soon!

- Gehn541

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