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Myst: The Book of Atrus

By Rand and Robyn Miller with David Wingrove



Although this book was the first one in the series written, chronologically it was the second book in the series taking place a couple of decades after the events of The Book of Tiana. It also leads right into the ever popular video game Myst and its Sequels (Riven and Myst III: Exile). The part that captivated my attention was the fast pace and the point of view in the book. I think that they followed the story giving enough information to clearly let the story make sense but not enough to ruin the ending.


The story starts out in a place in the desert called the cleft that Anna has partially carved out of the earth and tells of the birth of Gehns son Atrus and the death of Atrus mother. After that the story picks up during Atrus preteen and teenage years. This allows you to have some insight into the type of life that he lived and what he believed. It is obvious off the start that he is a curious boy who questions everything and tries to find the answer himself if he is given none. Atrus lives with Anna, his Grandmother, who has cared for him ever since Gehn left (Gehn left because his wife died giving birth to Atrus). But one night, when Atrus is a few years away from becoming an adult, Gehn returns and takes Atrus with him to the underground world of Dni. Although it is now deserted (See The Book of Tiana), Atrus is awestruck both by the views of the place and the memories of the tales Anna told him of the Dni people.


Once you have reached this point in the book you have reached the point of no return. The books already fast, action filled, pace has seemed to have gotten a lot faster and more exciting. As the back of the book says is a tale of son against father and this becomes increasingly apparent, and leads to the eventual outcome that that paves the introductory path for Riven (the second game in the remarkable series). It also introduces another key character in the realms of the Myst, Katran better known to some as Catherine. Although she is not introduced until much later in the book, the role that she fills in the book fits perfectly with the way that they introduced her, and gives reason as to why they left her out of the book for so long.


The Book of Atrus is by far the best book in the series with multiple plot twists giving the reader a sense of not knowing who to trust but at the same time letting them know up front what to expect from who. The plot is intricately wound and capped off with an ending that makes you to want to go out and play the video games It also adds an extra element to the games, especially Riven, giving you a sense of realism, almost as though you have it is a place that you have always wanted to travel but have only read about in the brochures. I loved this book and have nothing against it being a very easy book to follow and seems to have the right pace at the right times throughout the whole thing. The only thing that I would recommend you do before reading this book, is to read the The Book of Tiana for that extra little background information.



The Dni Critic


***** / *****


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